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Glenbard Security Training Academy is located at 61 E. Park Blvd, Villa Park, IL 60181.

Professional People, Receiving Professional Training.

Glenbard Security Training Academy provides excellent educational and life training to its personnel and the general public.  Our training courses meet and exceed Federal & State requirements.  Continuing education for our personnel is extremely important to continually provide the highest quality service.  Safety and Security operations evolve and change daily so it is vital that our personnel evolve with it.


Security Officer Training

  • Basic 20 Hour Security Officer Course
  • Basic 20 Hour Armed Security Officer Course
  • Yearly Firearm Requalifications
  • Handcuffing Skills & Techniques
  • OC/Pepperspray Certification
  • ASP Baton Certification
  • Taser Certification
  • 1-on-1 Firearms Training

Conceal Carry Training

  • 16 Hour State of Illinois Conceal Carry Course
  • 8 Hour State of Illinois Conceal Carry Course
  • Florida and Arizona Approved Conceal Carry Course
  • Utah Approved Conceal Carry Course

NRA Training Courses

  • Personal Protection In The Home Course
  • Basics of Personal Protection Outside The Home Course
  • Refuse To Be A Victim®
  • Home Firearm Safety Course